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We offer outpatient treatment services to individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse, process addictions, and other issues that may be affecting their daily lives. Our outpatient setting allows for minimal disruption in our client’s daily life while at the same time allowing the program to work proactively with their lifestyle and personality. 


We believe in the importance of tailoring our programs to our client’s unique needs. We aim to empower and equip our clients with the necessary tools to jumpstart and sustain their recovery process. 


Together with our partners, we have developed a range of services aimed at helping our clients receive the proper treatment and support to ensure their success. We adhere and apply universally accepted evidence-based approaches, principles, and standards of treatment to our recovery programs.

Our Offered Services


It is challenging to see our loved ones struggling with addiction or life issues and often times, families may not have the resources to help them overcome addiction. In most cases, individuals suffering from addiction are unable to see that they are falling into a downward spiral. Through formal intervention, we assist families to reach out to the individual and consider engaging in some form of treatment.


Screening & Assessment

Screening and assessment procedures are vital in correctly identifying substance use, abuse and dependence. Screenings allow us to determine if a problem exists and assessments determines the severity of the problem and what level of care is needed. It also helps us qualify if the individual is best suited for our program.


Treatment Planning

A vital element of the treatment process is developing a roadmap for recovery. We take the assessment results into account to assist in developing the right recovery plan. We are committed to connecting individuals to services that meet their needs.


Case Management

Going from assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet the individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs is a collaborative process. We manage our clients overall care through the entire lifecycle to provide the resources needed to promote their safety, quality of care, and financial commitment.


Individuals & Group Sessions

Our therapy sessions focus on issues that may affect our clients and their loved ones. Our group sessions allow individuals to connect and support their peers. At times, family members or loved one’s struggle in coming to terms with the situation. We offer the guidance to allow them to also cope with their loved one’s challenges and to provide better support for a successful recovery.


Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is a form of strength-based support for individuals struggling with addiction or are in recovery from alcohol, drugs, co-dependency, or other addictive behaviours. We work with people who have active addictions, as well as those already in recovery.



We provide individuals with information and tools needed that are vital to their recovery. Knowledge gained through these sessions are important as it also allows the individual to apply what they have learned in their daily life.


Family Sessions

Our therapy sessions focus on issues that are affecting our clients and their loved ones. Our group sessions allow individuals to connect and support their peers. We conduct family sessions to help families navigate through their own recovery path.



Individuals who have completed their treatment or those who may be looking for a support system may enrol in our Aftercare Program. Our trained professionals will work with you to determine your aftercare needs.

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